Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's Our Attitude

"Our attitude" is the one that determines whether what we encounter in our life is obstacle or opportunity. J.Sidlow Baxter said this so well. It's really all a matter of attitude.

The photo that I used here is that of a flowering vine. Do you know how a vine stretches out to connect to the other side? It forms a twirl just like this in the photo. This twirl is what makes the tip of the vine strong and flexible at at same time. This end of the vine is subject to all kinds of environmental factors. It can be blown by wind, hit by something or someone, as it dangles freely from its attachment. However, when it touches something solid, like a stick or another plant, then it latches on and unwinds a little its twirl so it can attach firmly to the other side. This is design and opportunity at its best!

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