Monday, September 16, 2013

perfect conditions

I like this motivational quote from Alan Cohen. It tells us to begin whatever we want or dream of doing. We never can totally control all the conditions, but if we begin, everything will just full into place and everything will be perfect.
I am one of those guilty of postponing things and waiting for the right conditions. It used to be that when I plan to write something, I usually start by first cleaning up my table, or sharpening my pencils before settling down to write. Then I lose the urge to write after that. Hahaha! Now, what I do to avoid falling into the same trap, I just write directly on my computer and then just leave it for a while and then go back for some editing. I find that I am now able to accomplish more things this way.
There is just an unfortunate catch to this though. Somehow, I always felt that I write better when I am using my pen or pencil on paper. I always felt that there is a better communication between my self and what I am writing. However, I have seen so many projects left along the wayside. There are just so may start-ups and very few completions.
By writing directly on the computer however, I find that I finish more things, but I also have to revise several times until my piece will get the touch or flavor that I usually feel is lacking at first.
Aw, I just have to learn to make the most of the situation. So here's to the imperfect perfect conditions!

The photo shows small leaves I found in the garden of a friend. I don't know the name unfortunately. I was simply attracted by the pattern and feel of newness or new beginning.

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