Wednesday, August 28, 2013

See with joyful eyes

This quote from Jonathan Lockwood Huie reminds us that our perception of things depends a lot on how we look at them. So something can be be beautiful to us but can be ugly to another. I have several personal experiences that proves this is true.

For example, I remember a movie that I watched with a friend after I successfully finished defending my Master's thesis. At another time, we would have found the movie corny and boring, but at the time we watched it, we were just so happy and relieved that we laughed heartily and sometimes hysterically throughout the whole show.

I'm sorry I don't know the name of this flower. It looks like a kind of wild daisy. I just found it on the roadside. When I took the shot, I forgot to change my settings after coming from an indoor shoot. So naturally, the shot came out overexposed. However, when I looked at it in the computer, I thought it looked like a washed out painting, so instead of deleting it, I used it as background for this quote.

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